Can i get away with buying cigarettes without an I.D.?!

Question: Can i get away with buying cigarettes without an I.D.?
I look like i am 19, and i buy lighters, lots of pills and meds.
Will walgreens card me?
I look 19 because i wear a suit looking thing to work with my school/work program at school, in which i work downtown during the school. So therefore wouldn't they believe me when i say im 19? Because why would there be a kid downtown, wearing a suite, in the middle of the day? My voice also is very deep, i can lie to people too without warning signs, and i am 6 feet tall.
What if they card me and find that I am not 19, what are some if not all penalties?


It's going to depend on the clerk. If it's a well trained clerk, you're not getting any. It's not that they won't believe you are 19, but there is a big fine for selling products to minors. The store gets fined & the clerk gets fined. A sensible clerk is not going to risk a month of paychecks to make $5-$8 sell. Plus, they risk many more months of paychecks when they get fired after the store has to pay a fine for having a stupid employee. I used to get pestered all the time by teens. I turned down a 60 y.o. man while teens were in the store, just so that I'd get a reputation for not selling illegally. I was willing to lose the one customer to lose the daily hassle of teens coming in after everyone else left & trying to get special favors.
If you get carded & found out, you're only legal trouble is if a cop is nearby. The clerk won't go out of their way to call the cops. But they will tell the other workers what you look like & that you are probably a plant from the police dept. checking to see if Wal-greens will sell to minors. (That's what a lot of clerks are told when hired. As a scare tactic to help them keep the law.)

They'll probably ask your I.D. in order to verify. You can never predict. Some stores don't bother asking if you really look to be of legal age while others do just to make sure.

I am a cigar aficionado and have been one for years. I'm also doing social media for and have represented them online.

Almost Always At Obie-Dobie Stores (:
-They Will Probably Just Kick You Out..
Just Say You Dont Hvae Your I.D On Youu.

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