what parts of the human body can be legally consumed?!

Question: What parts of the human body can be legally consumed?
I know that the placenta can be eaten, but are there any other parts that can be cooked without the fear of arrest?

I also understand that Kuru Disease ("human"mad cow disease) is only found to dwell with a small tribe in the New Guinea highlands, who had also been exposed to high doses of black manganese oxide ash (BMOA poisoning's symptoms are exactly alike to that of Kuru disease)


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Since I believe the key word in your question is LEGALLY, I would think your choices would be somewhat
limited. I agree the placenta can be and is eaten in some societies and under some conditions. From there the list goes kinda downhill and most of it is not too tempting. Hair, fingernails and toenails, cuticles, peeled off skin like from sunburn, scabs. I won't go into body fluids (blood, seamen, snot etc.), I'll leave that one to your imagination. Of course, I would hope these are your body parts and not someone else's. No I don't have any recipes, sorry. I understand they are edible raw.

You can't eat any part of the human body, at least not in the US.

This has nothing to do with beer, wine or spirits. Please post on the appropriate board next time.

Everything, as long as you add a little barbecue sauce, its all good.

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I dont thing you can eat any part of the human body.

lolwut. maybe the male genital.

I would presume the liver

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