Alcoholism is not a disease?!

Question: Alcoholism is not a disease?
It's a choice and AA is a Cult Scam they have a low success rate maybe 5 percent the same rate as people that stop drinking without AA


its more of an addiction. saying an alchoholism is a disease is like saying cancer is an addiction.

its just an excuse for people to keep drinking because they say its out of their power to stop…

^^ very relevant and funny

Firstly - This is Yahoo!ANSWERS, not Yahoo!POST POINTLESS RANTS

Secondly, you are severely flawed in your arguments

While alcoholism isn't a disease itself addictive personalities can be genetic, and people with that are much more lilkely to become alcoholics, junkies etc etc than people without it.

PS: Nice to see we have an answerer here whose idea of an answer is to copy part of someone elses - as they have done in every question I have seen them answer (To stick within site rules I am not allowed to name & shame them)

Yes, alcoholism is classified as a disease. See… for example.

If is also an additive behavior. See…

Without some sort of support group, most will start drinking again after detoxification. AA is one such support group.

If you were to look at the numbers provided by the Betty Ford Center, you'd find that 35 percent of people involved in Alcoholics Anonymous achieve sobriety for more than 5 years

Read more: What Is the Success Rate of AA? |…

So, your premise is not correct, it is a disease, and AA is not a cult, which negates your question.

its just an excuse for people to keep drinking because they say its out of their power to stop

You are correct, but this is not a question.

Really? Where are your facts? I don't believe you, Sarg.

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