Is sectioning an alcohol possible?!

Question: Is sectioning an alcohol possible?
My boyfriends mother is an alcoholic in denial. She's 63 years old and doesn't think she has a problem. He's worried about her as when she's drunk she's fallen over lots, cut her head, broke her arm, sometimes she's too drunk to get upstairs or to make it to the toilet. He's going to talk to her GP about it, but was also wondering if it's possible to get her sectioned? Her sister has been sectioned for alcoholism a few years ago, but I'm not sure if things have changed now.

Any information will be helpful, thanks.


It depends on her past medical history you mentioned she broke her arm, when she went to hospital most of the time they will take note if you are under the influence. If this has happened a number of times it can happen sooner rather then later. After the chat with the GP he should ask for her to be sectioned as most of the time it has to be requested. You will probably get a few visits from social services first so be prepared. Also try and keep a dairy and evidence ie the bottles from her drink or take pictures of it to show the doctor. I am a nurse and have heard of relatives doing this. I hope this helps good luck with everything xx

I am sorry ginny but where is your information from I am a nurse and have NEVER heard of what
your talking about at all!!!!!
well I hope it works out home visits from nurses cost the nhs so much money I know from when I have visited cancer patients and wrote up the sundry it can go into the thousands

You don't need to tell me people black out etc I deal with addicts everyday lol I don't care if I questioned your answer as far I was aware its only people with serious conditions that have home visits, your condition you caused yourself
Sorry but my mum died when I was 16 then my father shortly after everyone goes through horrible things thats part of life

It is more humane to do a detox at home. In her environment. This can be scheduled in the UK.

edit - to go about it you call the crisis team. They will arrange for a nurse to do an 8 day supervised detox. A nurse comes twice a day for 8 days.

linsday - i've been through it myself. You learn something new everyday. It's going to cost alot wherever it takes place and at home has a huge success rate compared to rehab centres. Btw the idea at home is that she is supervised by a competent relative at all times. Alcohol detox can have major withdrawal symptoms such as blackouts. In rehab centres you just get likeminded people exchanging tips.

edit well you're clearly not that well informed considering you questioned my answer. All I can say is I'm glad you were not my nurse after my father's death and other tragedies I had at the time.. End of.


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