I went to a club underaged and was offered something white in powder?!

Question: I went to a club underaged and was offered something white in powder?
so i went this club with some friends and i sat down and met new people and they slipped me something white in a small bag,what was it and whatndid they want me to do with it


Well, youngin...there's an age limit for a reason. You are too young to be experimenting with this stuff. Its horrible for anyone, but your brain and body are still developing and you need to give yourself the chance to be as healthy as possible, especially in these young years. You'll have plenty of time to experiment and screw yourself up in a few years. Just be patient and laugh at the mistakes of your friends in the meantime as opposed to sharing with them. ALSO, if someone slips something to you in secret...BAD NEWS, always BAD NEWS. DUH!

who knows what it may have been. It may have been anything especially being with strangers. Best thing to do is keep a good clear mind. First of all, underage? Were you served in this bar? Did they not ask for I.D.? Well, I think you should have reported this to the police but may have been scared because you were under age. If you would have done this, who knows what would have happened and been laid up in the hospital and brain dead. Think aout stuff before you do anything. Think about your friends and all of your relatives.

People try anything in a bar. May have not been anything but trying to get money off of you. May have been trying t get you in all kinds of trouble. Be Careful with Everyone.

Whatever it is GET RID OF IT. If you show it to your parents or the cops you'll get in trouble for having it and also for having gone to a club when you're underaged. Flush it down the toilet, and don't go to that club again.

Most likely cocaine, they probably wanted you to sniff it.

Shove it up your anus -_-
It was cocaine,jesus,if you don't know what cocaine/Extacsy are,you should not be at a club.

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