Is there any good way to get a smell out of a refridgerator?!

Question: Is there any good way to get a smell out of a refridgerator?
Someone left food in a refridgerator for a few days and it rotted. I cant get rid of the smell, tried some cleaners and baking soda, but it still smells awful. Any suggestions?


uh take the food out and dnt let it rot again i know it probably sounds complicated but im sure u will figure it out

Wad up several newspapers and stuff them in the fridge. Dump a handful of charcoal briquettes into a pan and put it on the top shelf of the fridge. Leave the door shut for a day or so and you will be amazed at how the odor is gone.

Freezer recently went out and spoiled several pounds of raw meat and fish. It's the only thing that worked.

Bleach. The smell of bleach will go away after rinsing well. If you don't want to use bleach... use vinegar and baking soda. Mix into a paste and scrub. Rinse well. DO NOT use strong scented cleansers such as pine sol or mr. clean. The perfume smell is very hard to get out. Oh, and NEVER leave a fridge unplugged or off for too long... that will make a stink. Good Luck.

baking soda

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