can i get drunk by drinking the little liquer bottles they sell in minimarkets?!

Question: Can i get drunk by drinking the little liquer bottles they sell in minimarkets?
i saw in my neighobrhood minimarket that they sell on the counter cheap little liquer bottles, im pretty sure they are at least 40% or maybe 70% but can i get drunk from like just one? or two? also im 16 and i weigh 132


It isn't the size of the bottle that makes a person drunk, it is the contents. Do the math.…

You have a small container that has close to 15 times more alcohol than beer. It is concentrated small and absorbed in the body quickly when not diluted with anything. The effects of alcohol vary with the tolerance level of the individual which is dependent on many factors. The alcohol could have an effect on a person even if their blood alcohol level is below legal limits for a DWI. The charge of public intoxication is based on behavior and not alcohol blood content, so no test for alcohol is needed for someone to be charged, just behavior issues.

Yes you can. Each one of those is equivalent to one shot of alcohol. All you need to do is figure out how many shots it takes to get you drunk. This will be determined by your weight, height, BMI, and resistance level. If you've never drank alcohol before, two or three of those would get you drunk most likely.

Yes you can, the contains are the same as a regular liquor bottle, in just very small amounts. Besides if you're 16 you wouldn't be able to buy one so there...

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