I drink a bottle of beer everyday, but people seem to think I have an alcohol problem?!

Question: I drink a bottle of beer everyday, but people seem to think I have an alcohol problem?
I have ONE bottle, and I know when to stop. Yet people say that I'm developing a problem?

I don't feel like I need to have a drink, I just like doing it. And I mean... it's one bottle, right?

Would you say that somebody who drinks a bottle of beer everyday is an alcoholic?


I'm a recovered alcoholic (4 years) and now work in an alcohol rehab clinic, if you can stop after one bottle a day I don't think you have a problem at all, it's when you can't stop alcohol becomes a problem.

Alcoholics suffer from an obsession to drink, and once they have the first one it sets off the phenomenon of craving which makes them want another one, then another.

no your not an alcoholic, if you can stop and one and dont feel an overwhelming urge to have that bottle if beer everyday, in actuality one bottle of beer has been proven to have health benefits much like a glass of wine, beer is full of nutrients and the small amount of alcohol in one beer is no concern

Don't worry, you're definitely not an alcoholic. Most people have a glass or two of wine each day, so i don't see how this is different - ignore everyone else. So long as you don't drink in excess you should be fine.

That's not called having an alcohol problem so whoever is saying that is misguided but maybe its how you handle your alcohol? But anyways no driving a bottle of beer or even two a day is not called being an alcoholic (:

I think its find to enjoy a beer in the evening. I love to have a beer after work. I just think you have to be able to say I don't need it, just enjoy it.

not unless you have to have it everyday

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