Is it bad to worry about what my boyfriend drinks?!

Question: Is it bad to worry about what my boyfriend drinks?
My boyfriend is 17. So in my country thats one year underage to be allowed to drink (so its 18 where I live). Anyways he was with friends on the weekend and drank 3 beers, some other alcoholic drink and then 3 shots of tequilia!
I got sort of mad at him because I don't like to think of him doing that. Like i worry he might do something stupid, and its stupid peer pressure most likely from friends. He knows I'm mad. But i don't know what to do now :(. We have been dating for almost 2 years, and he has never tried that much alcohol at once.


I'm 45 now. When I was your age, I would drink 5 or 6 beers or a few hard drinks. When I had my first hangover, I swore never to drink that much again and I haven't.
Continue to let him know how you feel. I assume you are still in school so a counselor might be able to get across to him in a tactful way. If he won't go then ask him to tone it down a bit. Learn how to nurse a drink ( a beer can easily last 30 - 45 min) Good luck!

You won't be able to change him, so don't try. Just let him know that you will not be around him when he drinks that much.

You cannot control what another person chooses to do, so it's fruitless to worry about it.


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