Does sloe gin taste anything like gin?!

Question: Does sloe gin taste anything like gin?
I know that gin is flavored with juniper berries, and that sloe gin is sweet and flavored with the fruit sloes, but does sloe gin have any of the pine flavor that's in gin, or is just sweet and fruity?



No, not at all like gin.
More like (to me) cough syrup - but OK cough syrup.
Sweet and fruity? No, more sweet and dark.
No pine, no herbs.
Cough syrup.
Try it!
And if there's any left over you can use it on pancakes!

Sloe gin is being made two different ways these days: gin is infused with sloes and then sweetened or neutral grain spirit is used. If gin is used, you may pick up hints of pine, but the sloe flavor is so intense it's not super noticeable. If NGS is used, obviously there are no gin characteristics.

No, it doesn't taste like gin.

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