when you picture a strong russian man drinking VODKA! what vodka is he drinking? russias favourite?!

Question: When you picture a strong russian man drinking VODKA! what vodka is he drinking? russias favourite?
most sold? or whatever.


A real Russian drinks only pure Russian vodka. Stolichnaya is a good brand. Did you know that the hotel pictured on the label was once visited by Stalin? Its also a globally known brand. I often drink it. You should drink it straight and very cold or perhaps with a juice.
Don't mix it with coke or soda. That is for ******* children and don't buy the flavoured vodka either. Also a child's drink. A hard Russian does not drink strawberry vodka!!

'Smirnoff' is produced by the British company 'Diageo'. If some russians drink vodka it's usually not 'Smirnoff' - because it's expencive and not that common in FSU. Maybe, some hardly russian immigrants alcoholics (who simply do disgrace true russians in Russia, and are disrespected in Russia itself, mildly saying) and anti-Russia propaganda did this ridiculous influence to you, I mean this "strong russian man drinking VODKA!".
Well there are many brands 'Stolichnaya', ukrainian 'Nemirov' etc., different people prefer different brands. Some also drink Absolut (Sweden), Finlandia (Finland).
Russians do also like cognac, champagne, vermouth and so one just as OTHER PEOPLE in many other countries in the world.
Drunk people can be met on some occasions (celebrations etc.) - again - just as in many other countries in the world.
Strong russian men do not drink alcohol, or would but a pinch, some beer maybe. It's ludicrous to identify strong man with alcoholic.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHUs1ChHRXY&feature=fvwrel , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxkpB6HK_ig ,
"There was that guy named Yury Vlasov, who was the heavyweight champion, and he was gigantic, he looked good, he looked like an intellectual, he had glasses on, then I found later on that he was an engineer and that he was a very well educated man. He had tremendous strength, determination and endurance. He was that monster guy and I said to myself - this is what I want to do when I grow up."
Arnold Schwarzenegger (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO_JVfvw4fw&feature=related)

Stolichnaya. Their is a shift towards the flavored ones right now. I think it's funny when I see a burly immigrant order Blackberry Stoly with a splash of Chambord, but that's me.

Vodka "Parlament".


Well it depends.. usually we drink regular vodka, but certain occasions we will drink flavored vodka. Such as chocolate vodka.

Half russian half hungarian.

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