am i gonna throw up or can i go to sleep?!

Question: Am i gonna throw up or can i go to sleep?
3-4 hrs. after eating a meal i had about 5-6 oz. 40% vodka, an hour later i had 5-6 oz. beer. it's now 4 hours after the vodka, i still feel under the influance, i wanna know if there's any way to know in advance what to expect if i'm gonna have a hangover or what kind of hangover.


I dont really know your tolerance to alcohol but if you tend to have hangovers then maybe. What i usually do to try not to have such a bad hangover the next morning is to take some advil (ibprophen) before i go to sleep. That keeps me from having a nasty headache in the morning. Thats the only thing i usually do but maybe eating something before bed to try to absorb the alcohol would help. Good luck! Hope this helped and your tomorrow doesnt suck lol


grab a trash can and go to sleep, drink lot of water and gatorade later

personal experiences

I doubt it but if you like take Ibuprofen before you sleep you will wake headache free.


Here's the number one way to not get a hangover:
don't drink you stupid s.o.b

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