how do you prevent hangovers?!

Question: How do you prevent hangovers?
I get hungover everytime i drink I want to know why and how I can stop it, I'm 5'4" and a 110lbs usually get drunk off of 4-5 shots


Drink plenty of water, eat before or during drinking, and take a multivitamin. I have heard taking Tylenol or aspirin before bed helps some people, but I personally do not like to put a bigger load on my liver, nor the blood thinning effects of the aspirin. I would also highly avoid drinking rum. Rum has given me the worst hangovers ever, while vodka seems to clear out the fastest. Needless to say, the best precaution is to drink less if you can help it.

Well the first thing anyone will tell you is don't drink so much but that's kind of obvious, don't you think? Next, try not to mix your booze. Pick a drink of choice and stick with it... something with lower sugar content is best. Vodka has less sugar than rum for instance. Next, it is always wise to eat something solid before you start drinking. and LAST... remember liquor BEFORE beer never fear... beer before liquor never SICKER. Meaning... don't drink five beers and then move into shots or you will be regretting it for sure. Start with the shots and then end with beer.

Be safe and NEVER EVER EVER drink and drive.

you shouldnt be drinking that much with your height and weight...maybe about 2 at the most with afew beers...just keep the buzz going, and also know your limits when you think its to much just stop drinking...

Drink lots of water and take asprin before you go to bed. Works for me every time.

By knowing my limits. 4 - 5 shots is too much for a female your size.

Drink water to clear ur system...or take small shots

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