I drank to the point where I blacked out and it effected my marriage?!

Question: I drank to the point where I blacked out and it effected my marriage?
I never been drunk before, I dont even drink no more than a sip. But Friday I was fed up with life so I drank a whole four loko with out breathing and my husband says that I was saying and doing some off the wall things to the point where he wants to leave me. I dont know what to do. I dont remember anything he is talking about and what he says sounds like lies and its not me at all. Im so sad. I just want to be normal. . . what should I do??? Should I check in to the hospital. . but im under age (19) Attend AA I just want him to love me again. I need to seek help. Im not an alcholic and dont attend on drinking again but i need help FAST


Looks like you found out you can't escape life! Assure your husband you were frustrated and thought the drinking would dull the hurt. The person you became was not the real you in fact some people cannot handle ANY alcohol without becoming a totally different person. If you blacked out you're probably had alcohol poisoning and that is dangerous - so it's a lesson learned now. That's how life works. What happened was out of character. Your husband may think what you said is how you truly feel. Tell him you were lashing out with hurtful words because you were hurting. He may need some cooling off time but convince him that you truly love him in-and-out of arguments; and the word "I'm sorry" is quite powerful. Soon you can kiss and make up!

Girl, you're 19. First of all, why have you got yourself into something as complicated as marriage at such an early age? This was your time to enjoy.
Secondly, see when you're drunk, you can say stuff thats totally not what you usually say or do, so you should say sorry to your husband, and tell him that it won't happen again. Hey, these kind of things happen, sometimes we have so much on our mind, that we can't control ourselves, and this is completely normal. So try to calm down, and never do such a thing again. Let me tell you alcohol is not medicine, it is a disease. So don't try to get away from troubles and seek light in alcohol, please, face your troubles, and you'll be fine. God Bless:)

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