Are people who go to bars/pubs and drink by themselves mentally disturbed?!

Question: Are people who go to bars/pubs and drink by themselves mentally disturbed?
I know a guy who does this a few times a week. He just sits there for hours and drinks all by himself listening to music. Does this behaviour strike you as odd? Should I call the Police it's making me uncomfortable.


No. I do it all the time, because I have no friends, social/communication skills, or confidence. I go there and sit down and hope that a confident attractive female will fall on my lap and initiate everything. I know that if its meant to be it will happen eventually.

What strikes me as odd, is that you would even contemplate calling the police because it makes you uncomfortable for a man to sit by himself, listen to music and have some drinks. I am guessing you are the bartender. Sounds like you might be a little narcissistic. I bet you, that if I could see this guy you are talking about, he probably isn't a looker, doesn't dress like everyone else, and may be a little rough around the edges......? Yea? Not someone you would associate with anyway? Yea?

No, many people who come from broken homes and have lost their family and friends whether it be death or just lost contact with them through their own mistakes resort to drinking. Bars are a place where they can try to get drunk and forget about the world, but are also surrounded by people. They are just looking for some company and someone to show them down the right path.

What would the police do? Arrest him for minding his own business? Before my now four-month-old son was born, well, before I knew I was pregnant with him, on occsion, I would go out for lunch or dinner by myself at my husband's and my favorite brewery and have a few beers and spend much needed Laura time.

Maybe you could be nice to him and talk to him instead of your boyfriend at the bar. By doing this you may get a tip from him. You shouldnt work at a bar if you are going to throw a good customer out for no reason! Many people go out alone WTF!

Some people's houses only have one toilet. If you want some peace and quiet and some time to yourself you go to the neighborhood bar.

How is that odd or disturbing? Some people just like being by themselves.

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