Why do people take the filters out of cigarettes?!

Question: Why do people take the filters out of cigarettes?
I don't smoke often, but my friend was telling me she always takes the filters out, and it's so much better. Why would it be better? Does it smell more? Do you get more nicotine?


well the smoke is more intense and you can get a dizzy feeling just like the first time you took a drag off a cigarette i do the same thing the cigarette just tastes better because you dont get the taste of the filter in your mouth plus you dont get the taste that makes you want to gag when you smoke it past the logo and melt the butt of the cigarette it just burns the paper a bit

It's not better. no smoking is good


Unlike some of the other answerers I will not simply break the rules and post insults, which is against site rules anyway, but will actually give you the answer you are asking for.

Because of the Nanny state most people live in these days Governments have decided that they will no longer allow cigarette manufacturers to produce filterless smokes (there are still some produced in the UK but they are even more expensive than normal cigarettes).

Some people simply like the harsher taste of these so simply remove the tips from what they are allowed to buy.

Quite honestly I think that if someone wants to smoke, what is after all a perfectly legal substance, they should be allowed to do so as long as they are not harming others.

This is why I agree with the bans most countries now have of smoking in public buildings, but disagree with those who say all public areas should be smoke free .... Cigarette smoke is doing less harm to people outdoors than emissions from industry & vehicles

Ex Smoker - I used to roll my own, from flavoured tobaccos and smoke without filters.

Because smokers have small brains. And the removal of the filter allows more negative elements of the already bad cigarettes to get into their lungs and head, so they think it's better. So they remove the filter to get a bigger whatever jolt the cigs give them.

If you don't smoke much. Stop while you are still not addicted and you'll be healthier and have more money.

yes concentration of nicotine

they like the burning sensation in their dying lungs and cancerous throats.

gets you a better buzz. also worse for you cause more toxins

Well, if you enjoy more tar...I suppose it's better..

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