What is "Blackcurrant Cordial"?!

Question: What is "Blackcurrant Cordial"?
It is some kind of drink? What is it/taste like?


Blackcurrant cordial is a sweet concentrated mixture made from blackcurrant berries. It can be combined with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages to make a variety of refreshing drinks. Blackcurrant cordial gained popularity in the United Kingdom during World War II when it was distributed to school-age children as a source of vitamin C. Besides their abundance of nutrients, blackcurrants are also enjoyed for their vibrant, sweet and sharp taste

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cordial is a soft drink that you dilute with water, like ribena/kia-ora etc.
i think it's an english phrase (i'm english), we would also call it blackcurrent squash.

as the name suggests, it tastes like blackcurrents.

Its Creme di casis, an ultra-sweet berry liqueur. A splash in a glass of white wine and you have a kir, in champagne is a kir-royale. There are a few other recipes that call for it but never more than a splash.

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