how does drinking 1 beer at end of day help relax muscles, etc?!

Question: How does drinking 1 beer at end of day help relax muscles, etc?
and is it good to drink beer in moderation? especially if work outside? how it helps you sleep better, etc than if didnt too?

and which beer is best to buy that you can easily find at a fuel station etc? and why? how compared to Budweiser?

any help appreciated.


1. Yes. It is good to drink beer after work.

2. There are few if any beers that you can buy in US petrol stations that are any good. If they taste like Budweiser they will surely be foul. But check to see what the petrol station has hidden away - you might be lucky - make sure it's something bottled as no good beer ever came from a can.

it gets you all sleepy that the only thing that you want to do is sleep and once you sleep you get a nice night or just a good sleep

relieves tension
and yes it does make you sleep better if you have a certain amount of beer.


if not beer drink a glass of wine. Wine will surely help relax.

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