Can I get sick from drinking old water?!

Question: Can I get sick from drinking old water?
Okay, so yesterday I had a bottle of water. I didn't finish drinking it so I left it on my table. Well today my lips were a little chapped so I thought, " I must be a little dehydrated." I went to get another bottle of water. After a while I went up staires and put it on my sisters desk. Then I went back to grab the one that was on my desk and drank that one ( thinking that it was the one on my sisters desk.) I got really confused and realized I drank the old one instead of the one on my sisters desk. There was about half a bottle left and I wanted to know, will I get sick from drinking it? And if I will how sick?


Other than a plastic taste, no harm done. The actual water we drink has been around for eons before it is pumped out of the ground. And though a bottle has an expiration date, it does not spoil. An open container may be a catch-all for dust, bugs, and anything else in the air which would take away some appeal. So under normal circumstances, water that's contained is safe to drink.

No. All water is old water. You only get sick from contaminated water.

No, you will only get sick if the water contains organism that would give rise to illness. Don't be paranoid...

Nope. Water can begin to taste a little funny after sitting out, but it won't affect your health.

water doesn't have an expiration date, you will be fine

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