Does drinking with your cat count as alcoholism?!

Question: Does drinking with your cat count as alcoholism?

So many serious answers, such an unserious question.


Nope, I kick it with my cat and have a bubblie all the time at my apartment

Depends; are you feeding her the booze, too? If so, that's animal abuse in the worst way. Animals process alcohol very differently than humans.

How much do you drink? Every day? Binging? Can you stop if you want to? You have to ask yourself why you drink.

I drank heavily for 20 years and just quit cold turkey and I haven't missed it since.

This is what drinking does to you: vomiting, headaches, hangovers, lost friendships, parental displeasure and MOST OF ALL: doing really, really stupid things when you're drunk.

There isn't one good reason for alcohol, but your brain needs it after you've started. I'm a physician I know what I'm talking about. I worked on alot of alcoholic homeless guys who got hit by cars because they couldn't see straight.

One last thing: if you drink enough for a long enough period, it will destroy your liver. If you're unlucky enough to get cirrohiss of the liver, you're going to need a transplant and if one is not available, get ready to either die or go through dialysis on a daily basis.

Curious Virginia forgot to also mention the ulcers and stomach bleeding, and the horrible pain that goes along with that.

drinking sucks, i wish i never even started. could have saved myself years of health and personal growth.

No not at all, little baileys with some milk?? You can also put a mirror in front of yourself, cause that doesnt count as drinking alone either!


But thinking you are drinking with your cat signifies a severe drink (or mental health) problem

My cat usually doesn't stick around after my 5th drink. He says I'm a bore...

Not if your cat is more drunk than you are.

do not let your cat drink dummy

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