What would 1 beer usually do to a person?!

Question: What would 1 beer usually do to a person?
I know there are a lot of factors but what would be normal? Things I can tell you is I'm a guy, 5'10, 130 ibs, and an empty stomach. I'm 15 (please don't lecture me about right and wrong, it's not like I'm doing meth), and I'm only drunken once before, that time I had a few shots of vodka and I think I was somewhat drunk, I don't have anything to compare it to but it was hard to walk straight and I acted differently.

Now to the real question, I asked this girl to our school dance and I'm really nervous because usually I don't even dance with girls at the dances (loser lol but seriously I always get nervous). The only thing I have access to is 1 beer, it's 12 ounces and 7.2% alcohol (might me 7.2 proof, but I think it said percent). I'm just wondering, assuming I'm pretty average when it comes to drinking, what will happen? and how long it will last?
-barely notice
-slightly buzzed
-almost drunk?


If it is 7.2%, that is a fairly strong beer, and you should get buzzed off it.

You would feel something maybe a slight buzz but don't expect much just from one beer.

You'll be fine, just cover up breath and all that nonsense.

Based on my experience, I think you would have a buzz.

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