how to drink milk without being sick?!

Question: How to drink milk without being sick?
how do i drink milk without vomiting?


punch yourself in the stomach before you drink milk instead of afterwords

My secret is to just drink it cold and before the expiration date, while sober.

Patent Number #X alcohol flavoured milk. From ur friends at yahoo answers.

If you can't drink milk without vomiting go see a dr and find out if you are lactose intolerant.

dont drink it at all!!

or get powdered milshake stuff and add loads into the milk to make it taste nicer.. gradually put less and less in so that its just milk.

If you can't drink milk without vomiting, has it occurred to you to not drink milk - or try soya milk?

don't drink milk, you may be lactose intolerant?

add some sugar to it and drink it in one go

when your stomach is empty ,do not drink milk

drink the lactose free milk

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