i know drinking alcohol in large volumes puts weight on you for e.g beer belly etc. coz of all the calories in it, but if you where to drink it everryday but at the same time go to the gym through the week and eat a very healthy diet, would you still put the weight on or would they balance them selfs out


Yes i do, i'm in perfect shape i work out 4 times a week and have a 6 pack of Guinness everynight.

Same as with anything else you eat or drink, it's all a matter of quantity and balance. Lots of people drink a couple of large glasses of red wine every night of their lives and are perfectly healthy, because they're also eating reasonable amounts of good food and doing some kind of exercise. You do NOT put weight on simply because of drinking alcohol. But one reply made the very good point that drinking could lower your motivation to go to the gym, so be careful about what time of day you do any drinking.

Life and a lot of reading.

As long as you only drink sensible amounts this is perfectly possible

PS: Alcohol does NOT give you a "beer belly", you can get that without drinking at all - the fact that many heavy drinkers are fat is because they also don't exercise, so are not burning off the calories.

I know heavy drinkers with athletes physiques & tea totallers who look like John Goodman

PPS: I love it when you get answerers going on about how alcohol is bad for you, and see them post complete rubbish like "alcohol seeps through the lining of your stomach" .... Alcohol is absorbed into the body through the intestines - Just like EVERYTHING ELSE that goes into your stomach

Yes, you can drink alcohol every and be in good shape. If you burn off those calories from the alcohol daily, then you'll be fine, if your only concern is your physique. My father used to drink a fair bit of alcohol daily and also ran ultra-marathons and dozens and dozens of miles on an average week.

There are other negative side effects of alcohol that are not affected by your fitness level and your physique to watch for. I won't get into them here since you're not asking about those though.

Alcohol is full of empty calories and large quantities would add weight over time. It still is a case of calories in and calories out. So if you burn off what you take in then no you would not put weight on. The problem would be that alcohol would diminish your desire to go to the gym. It is not easy to exercise with a hangover.

Can you not drink beer and still be in good shape mentally? If so, ditch the beer or perhaps try marijuana instead. If not, physical improvement will be noticeable if you work (gym/nutrition) harder than you play (keg stands/epic meal times.) Count calories if you want or just play Xbox Kinect and/or have a lot of sex while drinking.


Hi from France ?

Alcohol mainly burns your liver, stomach and too, can cause big problems in your brain .. All this is known !.. It can create cancers too : liver, pancreas, stomach and throat / tongue .. Troubles with the behaviors too ( violence, rape own children, drive drunk can kill other people etc... The list goes on and on ..
Like you can see, the weight is the most minor problem with alcohol ...

Have a nice day,


yes you will be putting weight on if you drink alcohol.
when you drink alcohol its not like fat from other foods this fat kills your liver and unprocessed fat stays on your body.

i say you should only drink alcohol on celebrations and not like a daily beverage

alcohol does not have to be digested, but seeps
through the lining of your stomach

it hurts your brain function

and kills your liver as it's removed from the body
(e.g. cirrhosis)

NOPE - not good for you

yes you'll put on matter how much you gym and how healthy you eat you'll get heavy...

As a GI that was par fpr the course but you might want to skip out on the hard stuff if you're going to run or hit the gym the next day~

Retired Air Force NCO

As long as you don't drink to much everyday, it should be fine, as long as you do adequate exercise you won't gain weight.


if u drink it daily, in limit alcohol may work as a medicine..

i do never affects me..!

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