why can't i jack off?!

Question: Why can't i jack off?
I last jacked off yesterday and i'm trying to get off today but it seems like it's not going to happen. I'm trying to visualize sexual stuff but it's not helping. I've get really hard but as i'm masterbating it goes back to being soft. Why is this happening?


Lmfao dont worry same thing has happened to me a few times , wait a day or two and it should go away if not then see a doctor

It means you need to start sucking yourself off. If it's long enough, you'll be able to reach. If it's not that endowed, you will need to learn yoga. Good luck.

You're probably imagining wrong stuff. Try something different. Like hard gay, or sheep.

Are you drunk? Excessive alcohol leads to erectile dysfunction.

You need help. Maybe a girl friend could take you in hand.

your penis is broken

please try agian later

As you're in the Beer, Wine and Spirits category I would say you have the "Irish Curse"

You're on the internet... (hint hint)

use baby oil it insulates heat and feels like the real thing

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