what is that pink alcohol drink in a lot of music videos?!

Question: What is that pink alcohol drink in a lot of music videos?
like in the song bow chicka wow wow by mike posner & lil wayne and then again in tattoo girl ft lil wayne. im just wondering what that drink is? lol thanks!!!


It's called trolcohol and here is how you make it.

1. You need rubbing alcohol, pink grapefruit, carrots, vicodin, a pestle and mortar, and milk.
2. Pour the rubbing alcohol into a glass, fill it up about halfway.
3. Cut the pink grapefruit into 8ths and squeeze the juice out of half of them into the glass then mix for 30 seconds.
4. Crush the vicodin into a fine powder.
5. Crush the carrots until you have a paste like substance using the pestle and mortar.
6. Using the pestle and mortar, mix the crushed vicodin and carrot paste together.
7. Put the result into the glass and mix until it's a smoothe liquid.
8. Get another glass and fill it halfway with milk. Then soak the remaining grapefruit in the milk for 5 hours. Make sure not to refrigerate the glass because it will ruin the chemicals at work.
9. Put both glasses of liquid into a blender and blend for 12-14 minutes.
10. Drink up, if it tastes like strawberries then you have done it right.

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Was it in a bottle? If so and lil wayne was involved it was probably X-Rated. Taste kinda fruity



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