how to stop drunk driving in teens!?!

Question: How to stop drunk driving in teens!?
what ideas do you all have to stop drunk driving in teens! i would like to hear from actual Teens and or cops/police!! Thanks

Its for a presentation i have on monday!!


Well I went to Oxford Hills High School, in ME and every year the local fire department, and cops would come by the school and do a Presentation for everyone. The would bring a old damaged car from the junk yard and have crash dummies in the car, they would show what the car looks like when you hit a tree, and then it catches on fire. The fire department would then enter the car and try to save the passengers, and they even brought a helicopter to transport the "students". Then we all would get bad news about loosing out friends. It was really informational, and help full I think.
I never drunk drove because of this, and this all started because it actually happen at our school back in 1999, so this was there way of help preventing it happening again, and it worked we have not had another accident since. WE always did this right around prom!!!! Just tell the local fire department what you wanna do they can probably come up with something.
Here is a video similar to what we do, sometimes we have used real people too.…

Since the parent IS liable in most states for a minor's driving privilege; IF caught once, take away license and vehicle privileges until an adult.
Just be sure to advise them of this WHEN THEY GET THEIR LICENSE.

make them permanently loose their driver's license... that would likely stop the majority.

Make a video of what happens if you drink and drive or find a video on youtube.

make em more responsible... or jus as said bfr.. cancl deir licens permnntly... or for atleast 5 years.. tat'l do... severe punishmnt wil do de trick..

show examples

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