Can you bottle home made champagne like home made beer?!

Question: Can you bottle home made champagne like home made beer?
can you put champagne/sparkling cider into beer bottles? If so how? I'm making a sparkling wine/Federweisser and I'm curious if I can bottle it in small serving bottles. I was planning on bringing it with me to an event, and I really don't like the idea of doing it like a champagne bottle or bringing a cooler with me and keeping the airlock on the bottle it's brewing in, but instead into beer bottles or something similar.


As has been said already, the pressure in beer bottles is less than that in sparkling wine bottles and there is a risk of explosion if you use them. Home winemaking suppliers might be able to supply sparkling wine half-bottles, which would solve your problem.

beh I just read the part where you are making it. edit

The issue you may have with putting it in a beer bottle is that champange bottles are heavy glass and the shape is designed to withstand higher pressure of making champange. That would be my only concern. With beer you ferment it out, add a tiny bit of sugar at the end and that carbonates it. So the explosion factor is what I would be concerned about.

I've defintely seen hard cider in those larger beer bottles.

To cap a beer bottle you simply need the bottle, some blank caps and a capper a Bottle fillter makes it easier but if you make wine you probably already have one. You can get these from a homebrewing supplier. Typically you boil the caps, place it on the bottle, put the capper over it and pull down on the arms. Takes a few seconds per bottle and is very easy and relatively cheap (like $15 for the capper and $3 for the caps).…

More complicated than home made beer.

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