Can I get hooked to smoking if I try 3 cigarettes?!

Question: Can I get hooked to smoking if I try 3 cigarettes?
I'm 14 and am planning to go out smoking with my friends for the first time. They want me to have at least 3 so I really get high. Is it safe?


Yes you can get hooked after 3 cigarettes.

The thing is that you'll get that high feeling after just a couple of drags (just a small part of 1 cigarette only) more than that you'd make yourself sick.

If you like that high feeling and go for it more than a couple of times, you'll get to the point where when one of your friends is smoking, you may think to yourself "it would be nice to have some of that cigarette." Once you have that thought, you're screwed. You're at the point of no return. Stop forever then or smoke for a long, long time and f*ck your health, wallet and aspects of your social life.

Better yet, don't chance it and skip it altogether. The high lasts for only a minute or so and isn't all that great or worth it. The high only happens when someone starts smoking. "Smokers" don't get the high anymore.

Cigarettes don't get you high. I have tried cigarettes and they were disgusting and I didn't get hooked. But what kind of friends do you have if they want you to try the death traps. I know you are young and and want to try things but if it doesn't feel right DON'T DO IT. Oh and no its not safe

Just Me

everyone is different. some can get hooked quicker than others, but you arent gonna get high off of cigarettes. if youre talking about weed, then you dont get addicted to that. dont smoke cigarettes though theyre just stupid and dont do anything good for you, theres no point. its just not safe so dont.

Don't smoke, not even 1. Lose your friends.

Cigarettes not only cause cancer, they are EXTREMELY expensive. You will waste thousands of dollars on it, when you can take that money and buy assets, you'll be kicking yourself!

You better think long and hard if you want to do it. If you go and do it, that is your fault. That's all I can say.

Yes you can and here is what it will look like...

No one likes kissing an ashtray.

43 yrs old I started when I was 21 and quit 6 months ago..

Will save $2500 a year, going on vacation with that cash

cigarettes will not get you high, nor will 3 cigarettes get you addicted immediately, unless you are talking about marijuana

I tried it once, never got hooked, it left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. However, I think everyone is different.

Better to say no now than to try and say it 10 years down the road, when you're addicted.

Geez, just one will! The nicotine in just one is enough to make you want more, as in craving, ya know?

You won't get high, you'll get dizzy and nauseous. Keep it up and you'll get addicted and then my young friend, you will be scr*wed...

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