First time drinking question?!

Question: First time drinking question?
Okay so im still a teenager & today my friend gave me a Vex cooler. when i only had about a quarter left of it i stood up & felt SUPER dizzy, not sick, just dizzy.
I think maybe its because it was my very first time consuming alcohol or i drank it too fast or what?
thanks for helping <3


Your body has not yet become used to alcohol and its effects will be more pronounced.

When you drink alcohol especially when you are new to it you have to pace yourself out, Depending on how strong the drink is also, If you are hungry you get drunk easily, if you drink it too fast you also get drunk, Also drinking water reduces the effects of it.

If you want to get use to handling a drink i suggest starting off with something that is not too strong, Drink just to the point of you feeling a little dizzy, then stop. repeat this each day and soon you will be able to drink much more without getting drunk.

But yeah it was definitely the drink that made you dizzy.

1st of all ur SO stupid to drink as a teenager nd 2nd ur body probably doesnt liie the idea of drinkin alcohol


What's ur question? Hahaha and yes it was cuz its Ur first time drinking

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