Help im scared of becoming an Alcoholic?!

Question: Help im scared of becoming an Alcoholic?
In the Navy you cant smoke weed so thats out. I plan on drinking and enjoying myself whenever I get the chance to but I dont wont to be an Alcoholic. My parents drink and there not alcoholic...just saying if it were genetics that determine alcoholism


You can't smoke weed in the Navy? I kind of thought being involved in that kind of thing gave you a "free pass" in terms of the law. Anywho, why would you be scared of becoming an alcoholic? I am an alcoholic. There, I said it. I LOVE ALCOHOL. I also love my life. LOVE IT. Do you know many sober people who would say the same? I don't know any. That's probably because I don't hang out with people who are sober, but if I did I'm sure they'd have a lot more to complain about than I do. Alcohol gives you a new "perspective" on the world, and life in general. It can really make you think, "hey, this place they call 'hell' (by hell I am referring to planet Earth) really isn't that bad! I've got a drink in my hand and a smile on my face, I am me. I can indulge in whatever I choose. If I die young, I die young. I lived a good drunk life, full of partying and fun. Isn't life supposed to be fun? And if I die in a freak accident I'd rather not remember it anyways". I really hope my point is getting across to you. Drink up, I really wish I could give you a high five right now. Really. Really really. You deserve one you naval champion!!!!!!!!
Party On!

You can have an occasional beer or wine or mixed drink and not be an alcoholic. The key is limit yourself. There's no real reason to try to get as drunk as you can. As long as you can take it or leave it, you'll be fine.

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