My friend and I wanna try weed (just once). How can we make sure we don't get caught from the smell?!

Question: My friend and I wanna try weed (just once). How can we make sure we don't get caught from the smell?
We're planning to do it outside, but my friend's parents are really over-protective, and we think they would notice. How can we make sure they don't smell it on us?


Weed doesn't have a really strong smell, like.. If you smoked a ciggarette, that smell is wayy stronger than pot smoke. However if it's your first time, your probably going to act "silly" in front of their parents so wait a while before going back in.

Bring chapstick-, if your lips get resened up
Bring a water-(since its your first time and might cough)
Bring clear eyes- your eyes will be red or glossy
Bring Body Spray- just to cover up the smell.

Good Luck(:

Idk why , but the smell doesn't linger too much (when your outside) so just smoke outside, and don't blow it on each other, and try to avoid the smoke, then just walk around for awhile , wash your hands, and carry body spray or something just in case . You'll be very paranoid. Might wanna bring someone to be sober tho lol

Don't fu*king do it! Weed is mentally addictive and once you smoke it you will have a craving for it and will always want to feel the high again. Don't get sucked in and don't do it. That is if you value your future and don't want to get caught.

You can't make sure. There's nothing certain.

Never do or say anything, anywhere, that you don't want to read on the front page of your local newspaper.

Don't do it!
Druuggies all said that (just once)
Imma track you down and tell your parents.
I already got your email
Now Imma get your facebook
then you parents and teachers

I have a sure fire way but I'm not going to tell you because this category is not called "Beer, Wine, Spirits and Drugs"

Smoke on the water method.

Bring a change of clothes

use good spray.


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