Who else hates English beers?!

Question: Who else hates English beers?
English beers are crap. Milds, bitters and ESBs are boring and bland. The whole CAMRA movement is silly as well. We in the best brewing country IN THE WORLD (The U.S. of course) laugh at those weak undercarbonated garbage beers. While the dumb antiquated English don't know TRUE American craft beer (they think all we make is Bud/Miller/Coors stuff) even their craft beers are garbage. Samuel Smith, Hepworth, Wychwood, Youngs...all garbage. The only two worthy of drinking compared to great American craft beers are the Thomas Hardy beers and JW Lees Harvest ales. Anyone agree?


Whereas it is true that the USA now brews some excellent beers, it is also a fact that for many years the only beers brewed there were complete rubbish (apart from the occasional glimmer of quality from the likes of Anchor Steam). Even today, with the craft beer revival in the USA (which would not have happened, of course, had it not been for Camra - in spite of your ill-informed abuse of the organisation) around 95% of the beer sold in the USA is still rubbish.

Some of the "dumb antiquated English" are actually reasonably well informed about US beers and, if you were as well informed about UK beers you would know that our beers range in carbonation levels from almost flat to highly carbonated. Our cask beers tend to be low in carbonation - that is their style - and if you don't care for it - then you have the choice of drinking a more highly-carbonated bottled beer - a choice, I would remind you, that is available in around 90% of pubs in the UK - and around 5% of bars in the USA. Walk into any one of London's 5,500 pubs and you will get a choice of beers; walk into one of New York's and you'd be lucky to get a choice between more than three mock-Pilsners.

In our small country of around 60 million inhabitants we nevetherless produce around 4,000 different beers - of which maybe 40% are craft beers.

Because the USA is finally dragging itself from the slough of foul beer despond in which is has wallowed for over half a century doesn't mean it is the best brewing country in the world. The USA doesn't match up to Belgium in the range and quality of its beers - let alone the UK.

To suggest otherwise is an example of the ignorant arrogance that a few of that 5% of the world's population that happens to be American occasionally display. Fortunately I know, from my many visits to the USA and its bars, pubs and breweries, that this kind of myopic nonsense is not all that common.

Rather that advertising your ignorance about the world's beers, why don't you try to find out a little more about them; it is clear from the examples you cite that your knowledge is, to say the least, rather selective.

Fifty years of trying the world's beers.


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