am i going to make methanol or ethanol alchohol in my hoouch (prison liquor)?!

Question: Am i going to make methanol or ethanol alchohol in my hoouch (prison liquor)?
ok, so i have made my own alcohol with yeast, sugar, water and what not in a 2 liter bottle. so im worryed that i might make methanol alchohol because of what someone said in another answer and so i was wondering i had any chances of accidentally making methanol and pretty much dieing.


You can't accidentally make methanol just by brewing something with yeast. You have to distill it wrong to screw up and get methanol. You won't be distilling your prison hooch.

methanol isn't made from sugar and yeast , if your planning to distill it you might make methanol but it shouldnt hurt you from just drinking it the way it is right now

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