What alcohol should I drink my first time?!

Question: What alcohol should I drink my first time?
I'm 15(don't say I shouldn't cause I'm not) I'm just wondering for when I AM ready, I've had a few sips of beer (Coors, Bud, etc) untimely totaling up to 1 bottle... And I HATE the way beer taste. I've been around my parents a lot, who do drink beer, but my mom mostly drinks stuff like this Coconut Rum stuff, or whine or this Curoc stuff, my dads more of a beer drinker. And I <3 the way flavored drinks taste.. Like the rum stuff in the previous sentence and tasty stuff like that. Any tips on what I should try my first time? How bout some examples of common drinks, you know something not so hard to get a hold of. Sorry about saying "stuff" too often guys.


For your first time, I would suggest something without much taste, Vodka or Rum. Mix it with Cranberry or Pineapple juice.
Don't listen to the fools who tell you not to drink. They buy into the thought that people should drink until the government tells you that you can. Drink up, life is short.


you can mix vodka with alot of things. vodka and cranberry juice is tasty.
also slow gin (it's a lovely red color and cheap) plus 7up is good too. For your first time i would stick with the clear liqours and definetely stay away from the darker stuff like whiskey, rum, etc.
That stuff is wicked and will give you a worse hangover than the clear liquor.
Whatever you choose just remember liquor before beer-in the clear
beer before liquor-never sicker! I have recited that to myself for years!

i hate people that say "dont drink if your underage. if you do, YOU ARE THE DEVILS CHILD".

anyways, first time i got drunk was off coke and vodka and gatorade and vodka. the next time was whiskey, then beer.

i love beer though (im 20) and have been drinking it since i was 14

Beer is nastynastynasty. I'm your age and I definitely recommend Mike's Hard Lemonade. Trust me. It's easy and delicious. (:

Im fourteen so your not too young lol but i luvvvvvvv vodka! Like raspberry or somegood shiit like that. It will give you orgasms. Lolemail me ;) you seem cute and maybe we can talk dirty;Dur_uglyhaha@yahoo.com thats my email


Chuck Norris Told Me

Blue Label

the first drink i had was WKD

You should not drink alcohol, especially at age 15.

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