Will drinking one or two beers every now and then effect a pregnency?!

Question: Will drinking one or two beers every now and then effect a pregnency?
my fiancee and me want to drink beer again like we used to before i became pregnant. but, now i am 17 almost 18 weeks pregnant and i am very concerned about it making me have a miscarriage or affecting my baby in a serious way. i am only 18 going on 19, and would like a correct answer to this question so i can know for sure, this is also my first pregnancy. so, if i could get some answers, please?


Well, you don't know how alcohol will affect a fetus so it's best to steer clear of it. Period. Having a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome is not a good thing. It's best not to chance it at all and also do not drink if you breastfeed. The child doesn't have any say in the matter at this point so be smart for him/her.

If you were very concerned, you wouldn't be considering drink while pregnant.

Look at these links or Google Fetal Alcohol Syndrome for yourself. It wouldn't have a syndrome named after it if was a goos idea.


here are pictures of what the baby might look like: http://blogs.monografias.com/sistema-lim…

Would you give your baby beer? Because that is what you will be doing.

I think you are looking for permission to drink low levels of alcohol. A "well I had a few when I was pregnant, and little Betty turned out fine!"

You won't get that from me, and I hope you don't get that from anyone. Very small amounts might not affect it much, but how small? I don't know. You don't know. Just take the nine months of sobriety. Giving into the few beers may be the difference between a healthy child and one riding the short bus.

Imagine how you will feel if something bad does happen. Imagine how your child will feel if something bad does happen.

Just don't drink, you will be happy with yourself when your baby comes.

Look at it this way - would you give your unborn child a beer? No? Why not?
Everything you eat and drink goes towards nourishing the baby in your womb. And if you wouldn't give a baby a beer, then don't drink it.

It is stupid for you to even think about drinking. Sounds like you may have a drinking problem. Maybe Antabuse can help both of you.


Drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy predisposes your baby for fetal alcohol syndrome.

any alcohol can effect your baby. its best to not drink any at all. dont put your baby at risk just wait until you've had your baby to drink.

Don't drink any alcohol while you're pregnant. It's risky for the health of the baby so just don't do it!!!!

Any amount of alcohol can hurt your child. Please, DON'T!!!

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