How long is the shelf life of a carton of cigarette's?!

Question: How long is the shelf life of a carton of cigarette's?

If kept in a cool, dark location, they should last about 3 months before they go stale. If kept in the freezer (wrapped tightly in freezer paper), they can last up to 9 months.

I heard that if you put them in the fridge or freezer they are supposed to stay fresher for longer. A few months is about right if they are kept in decent conditions.

My friend's junkie mother.

Is there something wrong with my browser or is it yours? Mine says that this category is "Beer, Wine and Spirit"?? Does it say cigarettes on yours?

If they were unopened and not exposed to a lot of heat they will keep for several months

I've known people to put them in the freezer, they claim that keeps em fresher longer.

I dont think cigarettes go bad

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