What is the most awful thing you have tasted?!

Question: What is the most awful thing you have tasted?
A lady was doing one of those demo thingys in the grocery. It was club soda. I took the whole thing in one gulp and I have never tasted such awfulness. It tasted like fizzy baking soda and salt. I thought for sure I was going to toss it up.



raki!!!!! it's a balkan alcohol, nasty stuff that only the manliest of men can honestly say they enjoy. even the smell of it brings back bad memories...and i didn't drink much of it. tastes kind of like animal vomit taken from something that had previously eaten something dead.

it's a spirit and i'm usually good with those...idk, bleh.

i have albanian and bulgarian friends. it was bound to happen lmao.

Can honestly say the worst thing I've ever tried (and yes, I've tried it more then once) was liver! Liver of any kind makes my taste buds revolt. I don't know which is worse, the taste or the texture.

I enjoy club soda on the rocks with a generous twist of any citrus fruit. On hot summer days I find it refreshing. But then again, I only sip it and not gulp it.

I was a little kid, and didn't know any better, so after eating some bacon, I ate the grease off of the plate. Years later, I still remember that nasty taste. Bacon grease is nasty.

I ate bacon grease.

i hate lemon juice.

Ewww Tofurky brand tempeh bacon. Ugh just the thought of the flavour and texture makes me wanna vomit....


American or Canadian mass-market beer.

Licorice -- blehhh :P

your not suppose to drink club soda straight lol... um alcohol diluted vodka

alka seltzer


It makes me feel ill.


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