what can replace "shisha"?!

Question: What can replace "shisha"?
I have hookah, bought in Turkey 6 months ago.
And its just standing in corner of my room doing nothing,just standing there.
I got Coal,everything needed but i dont have shisha!
Can you tell me what can replace shisha cause i cant found any of it in My town.


I would order some online as my first option.

Second option and to answer your question directly. You need something moist. Pipe tobacco would have to be moistened with Honey, Glycerin, Molasses or Agave Nectar.

Here are some other things to try, but most of these work better as additives to shisha:

Apple Peels
First Method is to peel the apple and cut the peel into small shreds. Then marinate in some honey. Add honey and mix it up into the apple peal with a fork until it is a little more than lightly covered. You can also do this with molasses, fruit preserves or vegetable glycerin. You can smoke this right away but I suggest at least let it marinate overnight. This method simulates genuine shisha.

Second Method is to peel the apple and shred the peel and smoke it immediately while the peel is still juicy. This works great also to add to any almost every shisha, especially apple.

Ayahuasca Vines
The vine can be a hallucinogen. Because they usually are tough, it’s best to let them soak in some honey, agave nectar, or glycerin to soften them before smoking.

Damiana Leaves
Although usually made into a tea, damiana leaves have often been smoked for medicinal purposes such has depression and constipation. They are potent leaves great with Chamomile or if smoking it exclusively add a bit of honey to the ground leaves.

Lotus Blossom
Lotus, like Blue Lotus is comparable to a nicotine buzz, just nicer. Be sure to chop it as long as you can. Pink Lotus is another great blossom.

Sassafras Root Bark
Although used in a lot of culinary uses including root beer. It can be a stimulant when smoked.

Check out these eBooks for more ideas

Experienced Hookah Smoker of Over 10 Years

You really need shesha my man.

Its slightly moist isnt it, usually in a jar.

You cant smoke anything like teabags or garden grass as you'd probably die of cancer immediately!

Go to a shop in another town and buy some, or order some online!

Pipe tobacco might work well, you must be able to find somewhere online that can deliver to your town though.

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