How much should I drink tonight?!

Question: How much should I drink tonight?
I'm 17 and I'm going out tonight and tomorrow night (prom night) I realize I'm underage but I will be at a responsible place, and I have a place to crash. I only get drunk every 3 months or so, however last month I got trashed. I had about 4 shots and 2 or 3 double shots. It was a mix between Pinnacle Whip, Malibu, Bacardi Dragon fruit. But I had a really bad hangover next day. So what I'm asking is how much should I drink to get drunk, but not enough to be throwing up all day the next day, hahahaha :)
Also I am 5'5 and about 135 pounds


4 or 5 shots. Probably don't want to do more than 6. And spread them out don't get stuck at the counter doing 4 in a row because you'll get sucked in to doing more later when other people keep doing them and then you'll get into trouble.

I would say none because you are 17 ...

I not only have, but use, common sense

Try 2 shots less this time!

OMFG go see AA.

A shed full.

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