What kinds of wine go well with garlic?!

Question: What kinds of wine go well with garlic?
Hi, everyone. I don't know much about pairing wine with food, but I need to know for a research project what types go well with garlic. Thanks!


Just garlic? Not garlic in a dish with a meat, poultry, or fish (to which you'd match the wine)?

I've often baked whole bulbs of garlic (drizzled with olive oil) and popped open the individual cloves to spread on baguette. I would think a relatively 'heavy' wine (in terms of taste) would complement such a strong flavor, which would mean a red. I'm not a big fan of most reds, so let's say a merlot.

However, a fairly acidic white like Pinot Grigio, with a grapefruit element, would also pair nicely. IIRC, that's what we drank.

I'm a serious fan of forgetting what officially pairs well with what, though. Drink what you like.

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