Rum Vs Vodka Vs Whiskey?!

Question: Rum Vs Vodka Vs Whiskey?
my order of preference:

1) vodka
2) whiskey
3) rum

which do you prefer? and why?


1. Whiskey
2. Vodka
3. Rum

To be honest, whiskey is my favorite of the three simply because it just tastes best to me with Jameson Irish Whiskey being my favorite thus far. As for vodka, I only like the vodka that's not flavored...Stoli Vanil, for instance, gives me a headache. Rum, on the other hand, just doesn't appeal to me that much.

Here's a mix drink for anyone out there who likes whiskey to try: Jack Daniel's and Mello Yello. You know that drink that I believe used to be called a 7 & 7, which was Seagram's Seven and 7up? Well, it's kind of like that, since Jack is a whiskey and Mello Yello is a lemon-lime soda but the Mello Yello just makes it taste much better than 7up or Sprite would...and, of course, I'm only saying to mix it with Jack because I've only tried it with Jack as of now. One day, however, I do plan on trying it with Jameson.

Whiskey and then Rum.

Because of complexity of the nose and flavors.

Vodka has no taste at all, and smells of rubbing alcohol, because basically that is all it is. Nothing pleasurable about Vodka at all. Doesn't smell or taste good, only good for treating wounds or cleaning tape heads on tape recorders.


I like vodka the best. Especially with fresh orange juice. Or fresh lemonade. Or fizzy (cloudy) lemonade. Actually, the nice thing about vodka is that there are so many different mixers that go with it. Or if you haven't anything to mix with it, stick it in the freezer for a while and drink it straight. I like its clean taste.

mostly i like vodka for the taste even though it often gives me a worse hangover. maybe b/c i end up drinking too much. my fave drink is a dirty martini with good vodka, like belvedere. rum is good too and i love me some sailor jerrys if i wanna get crazy. as for whiskey. negative. hate the stuff. tastes awful to me.

My preference:

1) Rum
2) Vodka
3) Whiskey

I find rum doesn't disagree with me like the other two. Vodka gives me a headache and Whiskey makes me talk indian. I prefer Bacardi (especially the Limon variety).


I'm not a fan of dark alcohol but sometimes it's ok with a cherry soda. As for rum, I get very crazy when I drink that.. so I tend to only drink that in like a daiquiri =D

I prefer the Whiskey. Whiskey for more powerful than others. but the most delicious drink I ever feel is the Graveyard (Cocktail)

Whisky (Scotch)
Rum (Spiced)
Anything else at all

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