is it possible to freak out or have a bad trip while your drunk?!

Question: Is it possible to freak out or have a bad trip while your drunk?
So my very first drug to take was E which was not such a good idea because I freaked out and I took the whole pill ~.~ I wanted to know if you can also freak out when your drnk and have a bad trip? I've only been tipsy.. and I want to drink but I'm kind of scared something like this will happen again :O so can anyone explain if u freak out when ur drunk?


I got VERY drunk for the first time two months ago, and everything was like a dream up till I got home alone, and then I thought lots of people in black were dancing with vases. Yeah, freaky. So I guess it makes you hallucinate a little, but mind I'm pretty sensitive to it, plus I was ploughed :D

you won't trip or anything but you can freak out in a sense. Your emotions can go to extremes, whether it's crying, getting angry, very horny, haha, but really the only thing that will happen if you drink too much is you'll either throw up and/or pass out. Drinking can be a lot of fun but be responsible.


Vvery different drugs, alcohol typically not considered a drug. You shouldn't "trip" on booze, since it's a depressant. I have had no trips on alcohol, everything slows down for me kinda haha it's weird to describe, it's all just a bit blurry.

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