How many beers does it take ya to get drunk?!

Question: How many beers does it take ya to get drunk?
Hello world. My name is Tony and I have a little buzz now. I just had one beer. I'm on my second. I'm just wondering how many beers it takes YOU personally to get drunk. I'd just like to know cause I'm the friendly kinda drunk that likes to meet new people. I'm not the evil or mean kinda drunk that comes home and beats his wife. No-Sir-ee I'm the happy drunk! I'm as jolly as Santy Claus after a big ol' glass-o-milk and some cookies. Well have fun answering this question!


I like u Tony ur funny. It takes me 7-9 beers to get drunk usually but start to feel the buzz after 5-6.

Well tony, it is very reassuring to know you are not going to go home and beat your wife (even if she deserves it). However, if you are buzzing off of one beer I would consider no longer indulging in alcohol, or atleast not in public. If you were at a bar and told someone you were buzzing off of one beer, you would be ridiculed until you were forcefully removed. I hope in the future it takes atleast 3-4 beer to be feeling a slight buzz. It takes me atleast 12-15 beers to be drunk. You should stick to milk and cookies :)

This depends on different things. 1. how often you drink. 2. how much you weigh. 3. how fast you drink it. Me I can drink about 8 beers before i get drunk I dont drink very often. I can drink about 3 to 5 beers real fast before i get drunk

usually about 15 -16oz. miller genuine draft beers,or 20 miller lites.but i can still walk after all this beer.of course, my wife drinks root beer!!!

the miller brewery

1/2 . Santy Clause ? you mean Brandy Cookies and whiskey Milk.

1/2 a beer + i drink alone. 1 burban 1 beer ....

How old are you? And how much do you weigh? Because one beer shouldn't give you a buzz if you're more than like 100 pounds.

Not at all, do not threaten their own, Ji Jiu just told you not been drinking, long time not tight. Not to drink from now on! :)

about 3 cans i think.i don't like myself when i'm drunk though cause i make a fool of myself.

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