Gunniess or Gunniess Extra Stout?!

Question: Gunniess or Gunniess Extra Stout?
Which do u prefer? my fav. Beer yum extra.stout


OMG Extra Stout hands down. Foreign Extra Stout is even better.

What is Gunniess is it some cheaper taste alike of the famous Irish stout sold under the trade name of Guinness yes Guinness. My grampy drinks it on saturday nights at the pub he has twelve pints of draft Guinness he says that ole bottle stuff is for babies He sings all the way home my brother and I have to bring him home in a wheel barrow

My Grannie

They are both crap and overhyped by non-beer geeks. Those of us who love good craft beer look at Guinness as an Irish Budweiser. The Foreign Extra Stout is a different story however

Guinness isn't a bad drink - I will always choose it if I am in some beer desert where there's no Real Ale.

Extra Stout

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