What do u drink dark tequila with?!

Question: What do u drink dark tequila with?
I usally like lime but i cant get any! Does it taste good with redbull or on ice?


Tequila comes three ways: blanco ("white"), reposado ("rested") and anejo ("aged"). Reposado and anejo are both gold-colored, as a result of being aged in wooden casks.
Do not waste anejo tequila by mixing it with anything; it's meant to be sipped and savored, like a fine brandy, whiskey, or cognac.
A good quality reposado can also be drunk straight, although some like to mix it (like margaritas, etc).
If you're just going to knock back shots, don't waste money on a good tequila, any old cheap stuff will do.
Mixing Red Bull with any kind of alcohol is not a good idea.

'Dark' tequila? Do you mean A?ejo or aged tequila?
Most A?ejos are made to be sipped like brandy. I suppose you could mix it with a juice or Redbull but they are usually kind of expensive and most people who appreciate them would never do that.
Try drinking it on the rocks.

If this is about the Don Julio Anejo, i would suggest drinking it straight up.

personal preference

Ice or pure


Like a lime, try something that is sour.

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