What kind of cigarettes would I like?!

Question: What kind of cigarettes would I like?
My favorites are Camel Turkish Royals and Parliaments, but lately I've been wanting to try something new. What would you recommend?


SMOKE CATNIP!!!!!!! Oh and all of you asshooles telling her about cancer, i think she knows what shes doing.

The Great Bambino

Virginia slims are good, I have been smoking the superslim gold ones for about a year and I think they are awesome. My other favorites are Benson & Hedges and sometimes Capri's if im feeling rich! I forgot about Parliaments, I havent had those in years, maybe ill go try a pack of them for a little switch up.

You know how roads are made of black stuff called tar?
When you smoke tar goes in you lungs and makes your lungs black and not take in enough air.
You could get emphysema and that's like breathing through one of those small stirring straws for your WHOLE LIFE.
I'm 12, have had health class on tobacco for 3 years.
Children are often the wisest as they say....
Cigarettes are Now & Laters - Smoke now, die later

Ay, yo, the girl didn't ask for your opinion on smoking, she asked for cigarette advice. She probably realizes the dangers of smoking and she has accepted them. It's her decision, she doesn't need a lecture on it.

i recommend quitting
its like suicide with each cigarette
thats coming from a 12 year old
~alisha ;)

I know someone who was just told by her doctor that she has to either quit smoking or die.

American Spirits

A cigar looks sexier.

Lucky strike

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