Do you like the smell or taste of blood?!

Question: Do you like the smell or taste of blood?

of course! major turn on!

ps. joking, just so were clear

Human blood does taste metallic. When I used to go coyote hunting with my uncle it was tradition to drain a glass of blood from the coyote and drink it after you killed it, and coyote blood actually taste quite good.

I don't like the smell of blood, I taste more don't like to eat the blood of animals, I feel it is very terrible.

I love cows blood, it sounds absurd but it is rather good especially with marrow. Human is rather to metallic.

I've only tasted my own-can't say I like or dislike it. The sight and smell of blood doesn't affect me one way or the other.

poda vennai ,dumuku , kasmalam

I like to swish, gargle and rinse. Then dab a drop or two behind the ears. ha ha

Eww, No. That's gross you freaking vampire

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