What is the Fastest way to get drunk ?!

Question: What is the Fastest way to get drunk ?

spirits and vodka shots. Lots of vodka shots.
By the way, you look about 13, so legally your not allowed to drink.
Drinking doesn't make you 'cool' either,

senoir in highschool

Drink tea drinking can damage the body, not only can not stomach hangover also hinder digestion and alcohol evaporation. No pain after you drink the following ways:
1 headache honey drink of water governance; particularly red wine induced headache, as well as the role of hypnosis, people fall asleep quickly, get up the next day without a headache.
2, tomato juice drink governance dizziness; drink tomato juice hangover effect than raw tomatoes better, drink a small amount of salt if the former, but also help stabilize mood.
3, fresh grape drink rule nausea, nausea; if you eat before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk.

4, watermelon juice drink governing body heat; watermelon juice clearing away heat, can make alcohol from the urine.
5, grapefruit elimination of mouth alcohol; take grapefruit dipped in sugar to eat meat, drink cavity in the elimination of alcohol is very helpful.
6, gastrointestinal discomfort after drinking celery juice treatment, facial redness; celery is rich in B vitamins, break down alcohol.
7, yogurt drink governance irritability; yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, including calcium rich drink to alleviate irritability particularly effective.
8, banana drink rule palpitations, chest tightness; drink and eat 1-3 bananas, can increase blood glucose levels, reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, to achieve the purpose of hangover.
At the same time, can also reduce symptoms of palpitation, chest depressed elimination.
9, olives governance drink anorexia; olive sober since ancient times, Qingwei heat, stimulates the appetite of the "medicine", to direct consumption, but also add rock sugar stew.
10, the radish can be hangover; radish has the role of drug hangover, can also be eaten raw Daozhi, adjusting amount of brown sugar Beverage Service, Beverage Service also decoction can also be shredded radish salad, vinegar and sugar, delicious hangover.
11 drink-lethargy, drowsiness, coffee governance; coffee strong excitement, cardiac, diuretic, and the role of hangover.

12, vinegar ease the intoxication levels; vinegar and alcohol mixture, ethyl acetate and water can be generated, thus reducing the damage of alcohol on the body, drink some vinegar to drink immediately after, or adding an amount of brown sugar in vinegar, can have significant the hangover effect.

Soak your tampon in vodka then use it. Or squirt some hard liquor in your anus.

Edit: The liquor enters your blood stream much faster. You'll get drunk a lot faster and you'll be drunker. It's true, inserting heroin through your anus is the safest and least addictive way to do it. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Manswers answered this question. Believe it or not you pour it into your a**, you dont get to enjoy the taste of the drink but you do get drunk faster

TV show called manswers

Fireball shots, 151 bacardi rum shots, 100 proof southern comfort shots all with no food on your stomach.

Own experience.

Drink a lot of alcohol in a short period of time with no food in your stomach. Duh.

Years of liver punishment.

Chug down (or shoot) your alcohol of choice down as fast as possible on an empty stomach , prepare to get fried

Take shots of something. Vodka is my personal favorite. and don't wait a long time in between each one.

spirit 90% alcho..

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