How come when I drink alcohol I become emotional and I become more "outgoing"?!

Question: How come when I drink alcohol I become emotional and I become more "outgoing"?
Like I (kinda) know what I'm doing, but I have less control of it. I also start telling people my thoughts and feelings more easier. Everything social just becomes more easier, but I get red faced haha.


That's just the effects of alcohol, dude. You're not alone.

Perhaps you are not very mature do not know how to control your own feelings in the community in fact, your willful or other emotional things that are very negative for you to let others think you do not naive to think you are upset, another point must also affect the mood of people around if you really care about the people around like the people around Why can not you control the good and the bad mood many people think about it for her if you can not change for others what his words only can show that you are a people who think highly of their own so-called selfish man I think you're not quite like you asked this question at least know where they have not

The initial effect of alcohol is euphoria as more oxygen enters the brain. However as alcohol intake increases it progresses from being a stimulant to being a depressant. The human body can process about one ounce of alcohol per hour without reaching toxic levels. More than that can lead to significantly undesirable effects.

Alcohol makes people anesthesia, the brain does not work that way. And would say can speak out, the so-called - drunk out the truth.

Alcohol is a dis-inhibitor.

alcohol makes you do great things :)

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