How much liver damage am I doing?!

Question: How much liver damage am I doing?
I drink three bottles every weekend then stay dry over the weekdays the bottles are of wine (750 ml's) vodka (375 ml's) and sweet liqueur such as Alize, Tequila rose and those and I drink a bottle friday, saturday and sunday how much damage am I doing? I never consume more then 375 ml's of vodka, 750 ml's of wine or 1 liter of some sweet drink in a sitting and only do this fridays, saturdays and sundays how much damage am I causing to my liver and will this catch up to me?


You keep asking this same question like someone is going to actually know how much damage you are doing Sarah. I don't care how many times you ask it, the answer is always the same. Go get tests done by your doctor and let him/her find out for sure how much damage you have done. There is no doubt your drinking is going to affect your liver is a very negative way, but your doctor is the only one that will be able to diagnose you correctly with any accuracy. This is the first question I have seen from you under this new name of yours. Are you going to ask it again so I can report you again? Think before you post this same question over and over. It's a pain in the behind to have to keep getting new account names.

You keep asking these same questions. That is probably worse for your health than your drinking.

It's very simple to get your liver tested. Just go to your doctor and ask.

Edit: It can be a simple blood test, but you may have to ask for it specifically. They check your liver enzymes to make sure everything is functioning properly. I would discuss your concerns with your doctor.……

You die in 7 years at this rate

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